Effects of Radiation and Heat Dissipation on MHD Convective Flow in Presence of Heat Sink

Keywords: Heat and mass transfer, MHD, Heat dissipation, Porous medium, bvp4c


The paper examines heat and mass transfer in MHD convective flow across a vertical porous plate in presence of radiation, heat sink, and dissipation of heat. A strong magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the plate and directed into the fluid area. The governing non-dimensional equations are solved using MATLAB built-in bvp4c solver technique. With the use of mathematical software, the findings are computed, and the effect of the various non-dimensional parameters entering into the problem on the velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are displayed in graphical formats. It has been noted that the application of the magnetic field slows down fluid velocity. Additionally, both the thermal radiation effect and the Prandtl number are fully applicable to the fluid temperature. It is significant to notice that the heat sink dramatically reduces fluid temperature and fluid velocity. The current work is utilized in many real life applications, such as chemical engineering, industrial processes, a system may contain multiple components, each of whose concentrations varies from one point to the next in a number of different circumstances.


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