Oscillatory Maxwell-Cattaneo Ferroconvection in a Densely Packed Rotating Porous Medium Saturated with a Viscoelastic Magnetic Fluid

Keywords: Convection, Rotation, Viscoelastic fluids, Maxwell equations, Porous media, Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible viscous fluids


The combined effect of second sound and the viscoelasticity is examined using the classical stability analysis on the onset of rotating porous medium ferroconvection. Local thermal equilibrium is assumed between the solid matrix and fluid. Present problem is examined by an analytical approach by considering the pertinent boundary conditions. Normal mode analysis technique is utilized for obtaining the critical values for both instabilities namely stationary and oscillatory. We noticed that the oscillatory mode of instability is favored over the stationary mode of instability. We found that magnetic forces, second sound, nonlinearity in magnetization, Vadasz number, stress relaxation due to viscoelasticity and Taylor-Darcy number are in favour of advancing oscillatory porous medium ferroconvection whereas strain retardation postpone the outset of oscillatory porous medium ferroconvection. Convection cell size effects by different parameters and the oscillation’s frequency are also noted. This problem shall have significant feasible technological applications wherein viscoelastic magnetic fluids are involved.



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