FLRW Cosmology with Hybrid Scale Factor in f(R, Lm) Gravity

Keywords: FLRW Cosmological Model, f(R.Lm) gravity, Strange Quark Matter, Hybrid Scale Factor


In this paper, we aim to describe the cosmic late-time acceleration of the Universe in f(R,Lm) gravity framework proposed by Harko (2010) with the help of an equation of state for strange quark matter. To achieve this, we adopt a specific form of f(R,Lm) gravity as f(R,Lm) =R/2}+ Lnm, where n is arbitrary constants. Here we utilize a hybrid scale factor to resolve the modified field equations in the context of f(R,Lm) gravity for an isotropic and homogeneous Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker (FLRW) metric in presence of strange quark matter (SQM). Also,  we analyze the dynamics of energy density, pressure and the state finder parameters and explained the distinctions between our model and the current dark energy models in the presence of SQM. We observed a transition from an accelerating to a decelerating phase in the Universe, followed by a return to an accelerating phase at late times. Also, we analyzed the state finder diagnostic as well equation of state parameter and found that the model exhibited quintessence-like behavior. The conclusion drawn from our investigation was that the proposed f(R, Lm) cosmological model aligns well with recent observational studies and effectively describes the cosmic acceleration observed during late times.


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