Bound State and Ro-Vibrational Energies Eigenvalues of Selected Diatomic Molecules with a Class of Inversely Quadratic Yukawa Plus Hulthén Potential Model

Keywords: Schrödinger equation, Nikiforov-Uvarov method, Сlass of inversely quadratic plus Hulthén potential, Diatomic molecules, Bound state


 The Nikiforov-Uvarov approach is used in this study to solve the Schrödinger equation utilizing a class of inversely quadratic Yukawa plus Hulthén potential model with an approximation to the centrifugal term. The normalized wave function and energy eigenvalue equation were obtained. The numerical bound state for a few diatomic molecules (N2, O2, NO, and CO) for various rotational and vibrational quantum numbers was calculated using the energy equation and the related spectroscopic data. Our results show that, with no divergence between the s-wave and l-wave, the energy eigenvalues are very sensitive to the potential and diatomic molecule properties, suggesting that the approximation approach is appropriate for this set of potentials. The results are consistent with earlier studies in the literature, and we also found four special cases of this potential. 


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