• В. М. Олексенко Kharkiv National Agrarian University named V.V. Dokuchaev
  • В. В. Олексенко Communal Enterprise "Regional Specialized Boarding School"Odarennost"
Keywords: battery, bioindicator, pollution of the air, concentration, method, harmful substance


The fact of pollution of the atmospheric air by batteries is proved experimentally in the article. It is taken into account that the chemical composition of batteries, the harmful substances of which are manganese, cadmium, nickel, zinc, mercury, alkali, plumbum and others, change after their usage. The possibility of using the well-known methods as for establishing pollution of the air by thrown out batteries is analyzed. Their limited nature is revealed. For the first time the method for establishing limited possible concentration of some harmful substances for the air from unutilized batteries is proposed. The method is distinguished by a prompt result, the possibility to use without material and technical base, and its specific character is in application exceptionally for batteries. The introduction of the new notion of critical mass is grounded. Bioindicators for harmful substances for the air that batteries contain, are defined. They are Aster L., Pulsatilla Adans., L. sativum L. and other plants.


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В. М. Олексенко, Kharkiv National Agrarian University named V.V. Dokuchaev
D-r Pedagogy, Prof.


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