Hospitality and sustainable development: synergy for a successful tourism sector

Keywords: hospitality, sustainable development, synergy, tourism



Purpose. This scientific article aims to explore the relationship between hospitality and sustainable development and uncover the potential synergy of these two concepts for achieving a successful tourism sector.

Results. There are focuses on the following aspects: sociocultural interaction with local communities, ecological sustainability, economic development, and ensuring a quality experience for tourists. A conducted study has revealed that hospitality and sustainable development are closely interconnected and mutually influential, contributing to the positive growth of the tourism industry. Hospitality creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere for visitors, enhancing their enjoyment of the journey and encouraging repeat visits. At the same time, sustainable development promotes the conservation of natural and cultural resources, reduces negative environmental impacts, and supports the local economy. It has been established that the positive and fruitful interaction between hospitality and sustainable development has beneficial effects on various aspects of the tourism sector, including the profitability of tourism enterprises, the rational use of resources, the reduction of negative ecological impacts, and the enhancement of tourist satisfaction and loyalty. A successful combination of hospitality and sustainable development enhances the competitiveness of the tourism sector, contributes to its growth, and helps preserve natural and cultural values for future generations. The successful integration of hospitality and sustainable development can bring benefits to both tourists and local communities, as well as to the natural environment.

Conclusions. Hospitality and sustainable development can be crucial factors for success in the tourism industry. The interaction between these two concepts enables the development of innovative approaches to tourism, taking into account the needs of tourists and the principles of sustainable development, while also fostering the creation of a sustainable tourism product.


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Author Biographies

Y. I. Zhuk, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, 41, Doroshenko St., Lviv, 79000, Ukraine

PhD (Geography),  Assistant of the Department of Tourism

I. O. Bukhta, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, 41, Doroshenko St., Lviv, 79000, Ukraine

Engineer of the 2nd category of the Department of Constructive Geography and Cartography


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