Ethical Policy

Publication ethics and Plagiarism policy

The standards of ethical exacting and formal compliance are related to the standards of quality of scientific works and their presentation adopted by the world scientific community, in particular the publication principles of the Publishing Ethics Resource Kit (PERK), the recommendations of Elsevier, the Committee on Publication Ethics, COPE:, the Ethics Code of the scholar of Ukraine, as well as the experience of foreign and Ukrainian professional communities work, scientific organizations, editorial boards. The editorial board supports the open access initiative (Budapest Open Access Initiative: ). A special role in conducting editorial policy plays the Code of Professional Ethics of a Sociologist, approved by the Sociological Association of Ukraine on May 20, 2004 

The editorial board condemns any plagiarism in science text. Before review by the editorial board, the articles are tested for plagiarism (availability of borrowings from other sources) by the system and Unicheck.