Ukrainian society: the ways of transformation

  • Evgenii Golovakha Institute of Sociology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 12 Shelkovichnaya st, Kiev 01021, Ukraine,
Keywords: Ukrainian society, social transformation, stages and types of transformation,


The article analyzes the processes of social transformation inUkrainethat took place during the years of its independence. The authorial periodization of Ukrainian society’s transformation is given. The main types of social transformation are considered: natural, restored natural, voluntarial and forced ones. The emphasis is on non-economic factors of transformation, in particular on such, as a condition of social consciousness. Modern Ukrainian society is defined as "a society of spontaneous post-Soviet transformation and a delayed declarative transit" characterized by such characteristics as a dual institutional system, massive anomal demoralization, the values of the "ugly modern", neo-estate formations, the lack of "institutional" trust, negative identities. It is proved that the paths of transformation, which are the countries of Central andEastern Europegoing, are fundamentally different. The conclusion about the need to implement a set of measures aimed at solving such issues as determining priorities in state interior politics, establishing effective social control, creating viable ideological parties, etc is drawn. The role of sociology in the definition of concrete ways and mechanisms of social transformation, the need for "sociological intervention" in the Ukrainian society has been underlined.


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Author Biography

Evgenii Golovakha, Institute of Sociology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 12 Shelkovichnaya st, Kiev 01021, Ukraine,

Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy, Full Professor, Vice-Director on Science of Institute of Sociology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


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