About the Journal

The collection is a professional edition of Ukraine of category "B" in the field of knowledge 28 - "Public management and administration" in the specialty 281 "Public management and administration" (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 09.08.22 No. 724, Certificate of state registration: KV no. 25105-15045PR from January 21, 2022).

Published by the Educational and Scientific Institute "Institute of Public Administration" of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University)

The purpose of the publication is to promote the development of scientific knowledge in the specialty 281 "Public management and administration", providing a platform for the exchange of research results, analysis of theoretical concepts and practical recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency of public administration and local self-government.

Publication frequency: 4 times a year (March/June/September/December).

Thematic directions of the publication:

  1. Development of the public administration system in Ukraine
  2. State regulation of economic and social development processes
  3. Directions of reforming the system of local self-government in Ukraine
  4. Peculiarities of implementation of state personnel policy in Ukraine
  5. Foreign policy and national security

The geography of research covers both domestic and foreign countries.

Preference is given to original articles that highlight new research, ideas, or findings that have no analogues in previous publications. Materials with innovative ideas and research are published, expanding the scientific scope of knowledge, providing critical reviews of the achievements of public management and administration, as well as reviews of scientific and methodical publications and educational programs in the specialty 281 "Public Management and Administration".

The mission of the journal is to create and support a high-quality scientific forum for scientists and practitioners, dedicated to the study and understanding of problems related to the field of knowledge 28 - "Public management and administration" (axiological, economic, educational, social, legal, political science, sociology, environmental , philosophical, military, etc.), as well as promoting the development of innovative approaches and recommendations aimed at improving the public administration system to achieve targeted results and productive changes in society.