Submission requirements

Submission requirements

When submitting a manuscript to a journal, authors must confirm that it meets all of the established requirements listed below. If the submitted work is found to be non-compliant with the points of these requirements, the editors will return the materials to the authors for revision.

  • This material has not been previously published and has not been submitted for consideration to the editors of other journals (or provide an explanation in the comments to the editor).
  • The material file is a document in Microsoft Word format.
  • Web links in the text are accompanied by full, valid URLs.
  • Author's accents are highlighted in italics, not underlined (everywhere except URL addresses);
  • All illustrations, graphs and tables are placed directly in the text: where they should be according to the content (and not at the end of the document).

The text must meet the stylistic and bibliographic requirements set forth in the Guidelines for Authors.

Recommendations for authors

 The editorial board of the journal "Theory and Practice of Public Administration" is not responsible for the content of the articles and may not share the opinion of the author.

The fact of submitting an article to the Collection "Theory and Practice of Public Administration" automatically certifies that the author agrees with:

  • the editorial policy in force in our journal,
  • ethical principles of reviewing and editing articles,
  • open access policy,
  • provisions on copyright and confidentiality adopted by the university.

All received articles are checked for anti-plagiarism in some technically and legally available electronic checking systems for the publisher (Unicheck, Strikeplagiarism). Such a check takes place before reviewing and before making a decision about printing.

Articles are automatically rejected if they do not meet the journal's profile or the design does not meet the requirements.

If the author's original article is written in Ukrainian, it is necessary to submit its title, abstract, keywords, full names of authors, names of figures and tables in English.

The article is sent by e-mail to the address:

Publication of articles in the journal is free (as well as access to all issues of the journal available on the website).

There are no fees for submitting and editing articles in English.