Structural nature of uncompetitive pricing factors

Keywords: input structure, consumer price index (cpi), producer price index (ppi), structural inflation.


The article identifies both external and internal determinants that influence the dominance of pricing principles and general pricing dynamics. The main factors causing the increasing role of costs in the price structure and the role of non-competitive pricing are described. The dynamics of pricing structures closely linked with the behavior of market actors, as well as to changes in the consumer price index and producer price index. The increase in the share of costs in price formation synchronizes dynamics of price indexes, and therefore inflationary processes in different markets and at different levels. The main factors of the pricing structure dynamics are the commodity structure of imports, sectoral and institutional structure of the national economy. The role of inputs as a result of influence of these factors determines the convergence dynamics of the various price indices, which are indicators of the level of inflation. Synchronization of inflation quantitative indicators corresponds to the dynamics of national economy structural elements and characterizes the structural inflation, which reveals as characteristics of national economic development. While described in the article the factors of pricing, taking into account their structural nature may be considered to be structural factors of inflation.


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