Keywords: Tourism, Subjects of Tourism Activities, Tourism Risk, Tourism Security, Security Threats, Economic Security of the Tourism Industry


The purpose of the article is to substantiate the patterns of tourism development in Ukraine, formed under the influence of threats to the economic security of the industry, and outline the measures, the implementation of which will overcome the existing negative trends. The article outlines the tourism industry of Ukraine, given the financial and socio-economic crises of recent years, political instability, the war in the east, and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which pose threats and risks and affect the economic security of tourism, significantly loses of competition with other countries in the world. The survey proves that at the present stage, the key direction of modernization of the tourism sector is to ensure the safety of tourism by minimizing the impact of these threats on all participants in the tourism market and the industry as a whole.

The conceptual apparatus of economic security of the tourism industry is characterized, threats to its stability and the ability of tourism enterprises to ensure stable results of activity and to occupy steady positions in the tourist market. Installed classification of factors threatening the economic security of the tourism industry on the basis of «level emergence» (megalevel, macrolevel, mesolevel). Generalized theoretical developments on counteracting threats and challenges to the economic security of the tourism industry by preventing and eliminating the impact of their negative effects on the development of this sector of the economy.

The authors analyze the influence of external and internal destructive factors on tourism development. We found that modern threats have created conditions of increased risk in the tourism industry of Ukraine, which has led to a reduction in external tourist flows and contributed to the growth of demand for domestic tourism, which is less dependent on external factors. The authors of the article identified the need to form a special system for managing threats to the economic security of the tourism industry, both at the national level and at the level of individual tourism entities.

The article substantiates that the set of circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic determined the emergence of new threats and dangers to the effective operation of the tourism industry. This necessitates a solution to the problem of ensuring a sufficient level of security for the development of tourism in the conditions of modern challenges. Research determines that in resolving a wide range of issues related to tourism development and ensuring its safety, an important role is given to the consolidated work of government agencies, the public, and businesses. It is proved that overcoming the existing negative trends in tourism, which were formed under the influence of threats to its economic security, will be possible with the active use of innovations, among which special attention should be paid to digital technologies and the information positioning of tourism in cyberspace.


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Author Biographies

Liudmyla Chvertko, Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University, 2 Sadova Str. Uman, 20300, Ukraine

PhD, Associate Professor

Iryna Kyryliuk, Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University, 2, Sadova Str., Uman, Cherkasy reg., 20300, Ukraine

PhD, Associate Professor


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