Dynamics of Psychological Characteristics of Drug Addicts in the Period of Rehabilitation For Up to One Year and From One to Five Years

Keywords: drug addict, psychological characteristics of drug addicts, rehabilitation


Despite the fact that in Ukraine there are constantly a large number of preventive and corrective measures to prevent and eliminate the phenomenon of drug addiction, statistics show that the problem does not diminish its relevance. Now there is a large number of studies that reveal the personal characteristics of a drug addicts. Many scientists are unanimous that in the period of drug addiction there is a distortion in the personal sphere. However, the features of these distortions at various stages of drug addiction are not fully understood. At the same time, the elimination of psychological dependence on narcotic substances by means of rehabilitation effects is possible only if the knowledge on the psychological characteristics of the addict is taken into account at different stages of the rehabilitation process. The main goal of rehabilitation work is not only the rejection of drugs. This is the development of new value orientations, personal growth in the individual and social sense, the development of human anti-drug resistance properties, the development of responsible choice skills, the formation of the internal locus of control, the formation of a positive life scenario and the availability of internal resources for its implementation. The article analyzes the effect of rehabilitation methods on the personality traits of drug addicts with short-term and long-term rehabilitation. The study included 60 people, of which 30 drug addicts were with a period of rehabilitation up to one year and 30 drug addicts with a period of rehabilitation from one year to five years. The complex of diagnostic tools includes methods for studying the level of aggressiveness, anxiety scales, behavior in a conflict situation, assessing the neuropsychic personality tension, a questionnaire for studying the level of impulsivity, a questionnaire for studying the level of subjective control, a questionnaire for studying well-being, activity, mood. The dynamics of psychological characteristics of drug addicts in the period of rehabilitation up to one year and from one to five years was determined.


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