Resolving Complaints and Appeals

The Editorial Team of the Collection aims to ensure honesty, transparency, and openness in all decisions related to the publication of scientific articles, and provides authors and other interested parties with the opportunity to submit complaints and appeals regarding the accepted decisions.

  1. Submission of Complaint or Appeal:

1.1. Authors of articles, reviewers, and other individuals involved in the publication process may submit complaints or appeals regarding editorial decisions that they deem unjustified, unfair, or in violation of scientific and ethical norms.

1.2. A complaint or appeal must be submitted in written form and sent to the provided email address ( of the Collection's editorial office. The complaint/appeal should include the following information: article details (title of the article with authors’ names; publication date; DOI (if the article is published), complainant's information (title; current affiliation and position, contact information), and subject of the complaint.

  1. Review of Complaint or Appeal:

2.1. The Editorial Board verifies the conformity of the complaint or appeal with established criteria and requirements.

2.2. Complaints or appeals that are found to be baseless, inappropriate, or not in line with established procedures may be rejected without further consideration.

2.3. Complaints or appeals that meet the requirements will undergo a thorough analysis by the editorial team and relevant experts.

  1. Resolution of Complaint or Appeal:

3.1. The Editorial Board may decide to uphold the previous decision without changes, modify it, or overturn it based on the justifications provided in the complaint or appeal.

3.2. The resolution of the complaint or appeal is determined after detailed discussions during editorial meetings and consultations with experts.

  1. Notification of Parties:

4.1. The decision regarding the complaint or appeal will be communicated in written form to the individuals who submitted the complaint or appeal.

4.2. The corresponding notification will contain an explanation of the decision and the rationale for the adopted approach.