About the Journal

Publication "Financial and credit systems: development perspectives" (Collection) is an international scientific and economic peer-reviewed publication, which publishes materials of scientists of various levels in the form of scientific articles with the aim of distributing them among domestic researchers and abroad. The Collection covers key issues of economics, accounting, finance and banking, management and information technologies in mentioned directions.

Сertificate of state registration: КВ №24781-14720Р

ISSN : 2786-5002 (online)

ISSN : 2786-4995 (print)

Publication languages: Ukrainian and English.

Frequency of publication – 4 issues per year.

The purpose of the Collection is to highlight scientific articles by Ukrainian and foreign scientists aimed at researching the problems of modern banking and the economy as a whole.

Collection Scientific Sections:

  1. Banks of the present and the future.
  2. Finance, accounting, audit and taxation.
  3. Economic and mathematical methods and models of financial development.
  4. Modern macroeconomic trends and tendencies.
  5. Management of financial and credit systems and the socio-humanitarian component of their development.

The main tasks of the Collection are:

  • Methodological - discussion of the content, problems and prospects for the development of domestic and global banking, as well as financial science, information and analytical activities of business entities, analysis of modern existing and demonstration of new methods and approaches, etc.
  • Informational - providing the results of best practices, professional analytical reviews, informing about changes in legislation, etc.
  • Formation of the scientific community - publication of articles by researchers from different regions of Ukraine and the international scientific space.

The main principles on which the editorial policy of the Collection is based:

  • objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for the purpose of their publication;
  • high demand for the quality of scientific research;
  • double "blind" review of articles (reviewers do not know information about authors, and authors do not know information about reviewers);
  • collegiality in decision-making regarding the publication of articles;
  • accessibility and efficiency in communicating with authors;
  • strict observance of copyright and related rights;
  • strict adherence to the magazine release schedule.

Collection of scientific proceedings of the: «Financial and credit systems: prospects for development» is published is 4 times a year.