Publication Retraction and Corrections

Our goal is to ensure the scholarly integrity and reliability of our publications. We operate with responsibility and thoroughness in all matters related to publication retractions and corrections.

After publication, the manuscript is given the status of "published," and any changes to it can only be made with significant reasons. The following rules describe possible procedures for corrections and retractions of published articles.


Authors have the option to submit a request for corrections in cases where:

  • Errors that do not impact the scientific content and reliability of the research results have been identified
  • Authors wish to clarify or rectify certain aspects of their article that do not change the conclusions drawn from the published work.
  • Such corrections do not breach the ethical standards of the Collection.

Change of the Author’s Name

If you need to change your name in the published article for any reason (such as religious beliefs, marriage, gender identity change), we will make the necessary modifications without publicly announcing the correction.

Publication Retraction

According to COPE recommendations, publication retraction is a mechanism for rectifying published work and warning readers that the work contains errors or inaccuracies to the extent that its conclusions cannot be trusted.

We consider the following reasons for potential retraction of a work:

  • Violation of ethical standards, including plagiarism.
  • Discovery of errors or inaccuracies significantly affecting the scientific content and interpretation of the article.
  • Data falsification or other serious breaches.

Public Information

The retraction of an article or the implementation of corrections will be announced on the Collection's website and other relevant platforms. These announcements will include information about the reasons for the retraction or implementation of corrections.