Modelling and Simulating the Heat Transference in Casson EMHD Fluid Motion Exacerbated by A Flat Plate with Radiant Heat and Ohmic Heating

Keywords: Heat transfer, Casson fluid, EMHD, Thermal Radiation, Ohmic heating


The current study presents the results of a numerical investigation of thermal radiation's consequences, ohmic heating, and electromagnetic hydrodynamic drag on the Casson fluid flow across a flat surface. By incorporating suitable similarity parameters, the equations that regulate the system are converted into non-linear ordinary differential equations. The MATLAB Bvp4c algorithm is used for computing nonlinear ODEs numerically. To optimize the industrial and ecological processing, it is crucial to study the flow of Casson fluids (including drilling muds, fossilised coatings, different sedimentation, and specific lubricating petroleum products, polyethylene dissolves, and a range of colloids) in the presence of heat transmission. Graphics and tables have been employed to present computational findings for various spans of the tangible variables that dictate the velocity and temperature distributions. The fluid rate decreases when the magnetic and Casson parameters rise, whereas fluid velocity increases as the local electric parameters grow. This exemplifies the intricate relationship between electromagnetic radiation and fluid mechanics. Growing Eckert number, thermal radiation, specific heat, and Biot number boost temperature profiles, whereas growing Casson parameter and local electric parameters diminish them, showing diverse impacts on heat transmission phenomena. Additionally, this inquiry pertains to the coefficient of skin friction and Nusselt values were covered. New experimental studies will benefit from this theoretical work, nevertheless.


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Author Biographies

Bamdeb Dey, Department of Mathematics, Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati, Assam, India

Department of mathematics, Senior assistant professor

Jintu Mani Nath, Department of Mathematics, Mangaldai College, Mangaldai, Assam, India

Department of mathematics, Assistant professor


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