Сельская община во фракийских землях в первых веках н. э.: итоги и перспективы изучения

  • А. П. Мартемьянов



A. Martemyanov. Rural Community in the Thracian Lands in the First Centuries A.D.: Results and Perspectives of Study

An important aspect of the social and economic development of Thrace and Moesia Inferior was the continuing existence of the rural community. Contrary to the widelydistributed opinion the author of the article consider that the history of communal relations in the Thracian lands in the first centuries A.D. is studied not enough. It is necessary to carry out the detailed research of the data of the historical sources about the village communities on this area. One must compare the results of such over-all analysis with the materials from other regions of the Empire as well as with the theoretical conceptions about the rural community. It permit to define the typical characteristics of the development of the village communities in the East-Balkan lands and to determine as far as the speculative constructions by scholars correspond to the reality of the provincial life in the Roman Empire.


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