The analysis of interaction of the biologically active ligands to nucleic acids

  • N. A. Gladkovskaya Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of NASU
Keywords: ligands, DNA, types of binding, thermodynamics of binding


The work is dedicated to a literature review of interactions of biologically active ligands with nucleic acid molecules. The structural and thermodynamic parameters of DNA - ligand binding are considered. The binding mechanisms for intercalation and groove binding drug to DNA have been examined. Analysis of such literature-based thermodynamic data revealed different thermodynamic parameters for groove-binding and intercalating compounds. The new approach of identifying the different types of binding due to thermodynamic signatures ΔG, ΔH, ΔS is discussed.


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Author Biography

N. A. Gladkovskaya, Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of NASU

12 Acad. Proskura str., Kharkiv, 61085, Ukraine


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