The ethical basis of psychotherapeutic practices, ascending to the Eastern Christian anthropology

  • Олександр Федорович Бондаренко Київський національний лінгвістичний університет
Keywords: anthropogenesis, sacrifice, religious traditions psychotherapeutic practice, ethical personalism


This article analyzes the genesis and consequences of the underlying prerequisites and the principle of anthropogenesis – the refusal of people from the auto- and geterodestructive behavior associated with sacrifice. Drawing on a variety of biological, philosophical, historical, cultural and psychological material, the author proves the extreme importance of the crown of this process - a basic ethical principle in the eastern version of Christianity as an absolute ban on sacrifice. This article argues that the applied approach from these ethical and essentially anthropological position provides both for the practicing psychologist, and his/her client most adequate orientation in the true sense of what is happening in traumatic interpersonal relations.


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Олександр Федорович Бондаренко, Київський національний лінгвістичний університет
завідувач кафедри психології Київського національного лінгвістичного університету


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