Stage Features of Social and Psychological Adaptation in Ukrainians Immigrating to China

Keywords: socio-psychological adaptation, adaptive behavioral strategies, social well-being, emigration


Problem definition world globalization and the introduction of martial law in Ukraine led to a significant increase in the number of Ukrainians emigrating to China. The emigration process has its stages, at each of which the individual solves his tasks of social and psychological adaptation, which requires research. Problem analysis In the scientific literature, the emigration process is divided into three main stages (preparatory, moving and familiarization with new living conditions and adaptation to new conditions), in each of which adaptation is an important psychological component of this process. In the humanistic paradigm, the process of socio-psychological adaptation of the individual is the most developed and researched. The purpose of the study to reveal the stage-by-stage features of socio-psychological adaptation among Ukrainians emigrating to China. The research methods are the Rogers-Diamond diagnostic method of socio-psychological adaptation; questionnaires "Adaptive strategies of behavior" and "Satisfaction with life" according to N. Melnikova; questionnaire "Social well-being". Mathematical and statistical processing of the φ criterion - Fisher's angular transformation and the Mann-Whitney U-criterion. Description of the sample the sample consisted of 90 Ukrainians of early adulthood who are in a marital relationship and have a higher education. The sample was divided into 3 studied groups. Group 1 (Gr. 1) includes Ukrainians who plan to emigrate to China, which was confirmed by the documents they drew up for this purpose. Group 2 (Gr. 2) included Ukrainians who lived in China for no more than 1 year after moving. Until the third (Gr.3) - more than 1 year. Conclusions At the second stage of socio-psychological adaptation in the process of emigration, the indicators of emotional discomfort, non-acceptance of others, external conflict and maladjustment significantly increase among Ukrainians, which worsens their adaptation potential, however, at the third stage, its full recovery and return to the level of the emigration planning stage was revealed. At each stage, features of the manifestation of adaptive behavioral strategies, indicators of social well-being and life satisfaction were revealed.


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