Destruction of the Psyche and its Leveling in the Deep Cognition

Keywords: depth psychological correction, ASPC, destructions, psyche, archaisms


Depth cognition of the psyche, performed while practicing psychodynamic understanding of the phenomenon of the psychic, can objectify a person’s psyche destructions, caused by the dysfunctional relations in the family within the triangle: “father – child – mother”. The abstract of the psychoanalysis presented in this article proves not only the role of the Oedipal dependences, which induce centrifugal force around the vicious circle, but also objectify the destructive consequences, which are expressed in a person’s mental retardation, causing the balance violations between “the Libido” and “the Mortido” energies. The article objectifies the basic conflict “life-death” as well as the risks of its balance violation, which contributes to the development of the tendencies to importing the psyche and weakening the self-preservation instinct. The empirical evidence, presented in the article, verbally and vividly proves the interrelation of the depth aspects in their impact on the behavioral ones, which cause the psyche destructions, which need correction in the groups of ASPC.


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