Numerical Analysis of Entropy Generation of MHD Casson Fluid Flow Through an Inclined Plate with Soret Effect

Keywords: Entropy, Casson, MHD, Soret effect, Thermal radiation


In this present study, entropy generation for an unsteady MHD Casson fluid flow through an oscillating inclined plate is investigated. Here, along with reaction by chemical and thermal radiation incorporation of Soret effect is also analysed. The solution of the equation which governs the flow problem are obtained by finite difference method (FDM). The features of flow velocity, concentration and temperature are analyzed by designing graphs and their physical behaviour is reviewed in details to study the impact of different parameters on the fluid problem. The skin friction, the rate of heat and mass transfer of the fluid problem also has significant impact under the influence of the parameters. The results indicate that Soret effect and other parameters has considerable impact on an unsteady MHD casson fluid and on the total entropy due to heat transfer and flow friction.


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