Pressure of Electromagnetic Radiation on a Thin Linear Vibrator in a Waveguide

Keywords: electromagnetic wave, conducting vibrator, waveguide, longitudinal force, transverse force


The problem of electromagnetic wave pressure on a thin conductive vibrator located in a rectangular waveguide is solved. Wave H10 falls on the vibrator. The vibrator is located perpendicular to the wide wall of the waveguide. The current in the vibrator arising under the action of the electric field of the wave is calculated. The current distribution along the vibrator is almost uniform. The current in the microwave range depends little on the vibrator conductivity. Two components of the magnetic field - longitudinal and transverse exist in the H10 wave. When these components interact with the current in the vibrator, forces arise, acting on the vibrator across the waveguide and along it. The magnitude of the longitudinal force is greatest when the vibrator is located in the middle of a wide wall. It is almost 2 times greater than the force acting on the vibrator in free space at the same average radiation intensity, When the vibrator length is close to half the radiation wavelength, the force is maximum. The transverse force is determined by the interaction of the current in the vibrator with the longitudinal component of the magnetic field in the waveguide. It is maximum when the vibrator is located at the distance of ¼ of the length of the wide wall from its middle. If the length of the vibrator is less than half the wavelength of the radiation, the force is directed towards the axis of the waveguide, otherwise - in the opposite direction. The possibility of using microwave radiation pressure to create micromachines and to control the position of the vibrator in space has been evaluated. This requires a radiation power of several watts.


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Kokodii, M., Katrich, V., Berdnik, S., Nesterenko, M., Maslov, V., & Priz, I. (2022). Pressure of Electromagnetic Radiation on a Thin Linear Vibrator in a Waveguide. East European Journal of Physics, (3), 45-52.

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