Using a Scanner to Measure Absorbed Doses with Radiochromic Film Dosimeters

Keywords: absorbed dose, calorimeter, radiochromic dosimetry films, scanner, uncertainty


The article provides a sequence of steps for using RISØ calorimeters for calibration and subsequent use of B3 radiochromic film dosimeters (GEX corporation) and a scanner for measuring absorbed doses. Calibration was carried out with the help of electron beam accelerator in the range of absorbed doses of 3 – 40 kGy (measurement range of RISØ calorimeters).
In the course of the work, the following was carried out:
– calibration of B3 radiochromic dosimetry films using RISØ calorimeters;
– plotting a calibration curve for B3 radiochromic dosimetric films;
– calculation of approximation functions;
– development of a technique for using a flatbed scanner to measure absorbed doses;
– estimation of the measurement uncertainties of absorbed doses.
Accelerator operation parameters: scanning frequency of the accelerated electron beam – 5 Hz, pulse frequency – 120 Hz, electron energy – 5 MeV, electron beam current – 60 μA. The measurement error of the absorbed dose is 5.8 %.


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