Influence of Dielectric Screenings on Phonon Frequencies and Acoustic Properties of Pd-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses

Keywords: Bulk metallic glass, dispersion curves, dielectric screening, elastic properties


The phonon dispersion curves for bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) Pd40Ni10Cu30P20 and Pd64Ni16P20 are computed for the longitudinal and transverse phonon frequencies using the simple model given by Bhatia and Singh. Different dielectric screening functions are employed for the longitudinal mode. We obtain the values of the force constants β and δ calculated from the elastic constants of the material of the respective BMGs for computing the dispersion curves. The computed phonon dispersion curves show appropriate behaviour for both the longitudinal and transverse modes. The transverse sound velocity and the longitudinal sound velocities with various dielectric screenings are calculated in the long wavelength region from the computed dispersion curves for both the BMGs. The first peak position of the static structure factor is predicted from the dispersion curves. The values of sound velocities and the first peak of the static structure factor estimated from the computed dispersion curves show excellent agreement with the experimental values reported in literature for the BMGs under consideration and the results may be used for correlating other properties of the BMGs.


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