Spectra of Collective Excitations and Low-Frequency Asymptotics of Green’s Functions in Uniaxial and Biaxial Ferrimagnetics

Keywords: spin, ferromagnetic, spectra of collective excitations, Green’s functions


The paper studies the dynamic description of uniaxial and biaxial ferrimagnetics with spin s=1/2 in alternative external field. The nonlinear dynamic equations with sources are obtained, on basis on which low-frequency asymptotics of two-time Green functions in the uniaxial and biaxial cases of the ferrimagnet are obtained. Energy models are constructed that are specific functions of Casimir invariants of the algebra of Poisson brackets for magnetic degrees of freedom. On their basis, the question of the stable magnetic states has been solved for the considered systems. These equations were linearized, an explicit form of the collective excitations spectra was found, and their character was analyzed. The article studies the uniaxial case of a ferrimagnet, as well as biaxial cases of an antiferromagnet, easy-axis and easy-plane ferrimagnets. It is shown that for a uniaxial antiferromagnet the spectrum of magnetic excitations has a Goldstone character. For biaxial ferrimagnetic materials, it was found that the spectrum has either a quadratic character or a more complex dependence on the wave vector. It is shown that in the uniaxial case of an antiferromagnet the Green function of the type Gsα,(k,0), Gsα,(k,0) and Gsα,(0,ω) have regular asymptotic behavior, and the Green function of type Gnα,(k,0)≈1/k2 and Gsα,(0,ω)≈1/ω, Gnα,(0,ω)≈1/ω2  have a pole feature in the wave vector and frequency. Biaxial ferrimagnetic states have another type of the features of low-frequency asymptotics of the Green's functions. In the case of a ferrimagnet, the “easy-axis” of the asymptotic behavior of the Green functions Gsα,(0,ω), Gsα,(0,ω), Gnα,(0,ω), Gsα,(k,0), Gsα,(k,0), Gnα,(k,0) have a pole character. For the case of the “easy-plane” type ferrimagnet, the asymptotics of the Green functions Gsα,(0,ω), Gnα,(0,ω), Gsα,(k,0), Gnα,(k,0), have a pole character, and the Green function Gsα,(k,ω) contains both the pole component and the regular part. A comparative analysis of the low-frequency asymptotics of Green functions shows that the nature of magnetic anisotropy significantly effects the structure of low-frequency asymptotics for uniaxial and biaxial cases of ferrimagnet. Separately, we note the non-Bogolyubov character of the Green function asymptotics for ferrimagnet with biaxial anisotropy Gnα,(k,0)≈1/k4.


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