Стеклянные осветительные приборы позднеантичного и раннесредневекового Херсонеса

  • Л. А. Голофаст



Golofast L.A. Glass Illuminators of the Late Ancient and Early Middle-Aged Chersonesus

In the Late Ancient deposits of Chersonessns the Mowing types of lamp-glasses were revealed:

I.          Conical lamps with thick wails, sometimes decorated with wheel-cut grooves. They are considered to be imported from Syro-Palestine area and Northern Italy. In Chersonessns this type of lamps was occurred in the deposits of the late IV — mid VIth cc.

II.        Lamp with rounded bottom, slightly flaring walls and reworked rim. They can be subdivided into 2 variants: a) lamps with rounded undecorated bottom that are originated from the deposits of the late V — 3d quarter VII cc. and 6) lamps with more or less pointed botton glass or with applied blue blob. This variant was revealed in the deposits dated from the mid VI — 3d quarter VIIth cc.

III.       Lamps with cylindrical or semi-spherical body, long hollow toe and reworked rim

were in use in the late V — 3d quarter VIIth cc. and were presumably produced at the local

glass-making workshop.

IV.       The 4th type of lamp-glasses is represented with three-handled lampe of three variants:

a) with apherical body; 6) with body in the form of truncated cone and 6) with cylindrical

body with narrowing on the mid-height. This Ismp type is revealed in the deposits of the late

V — VIIth cc. One of the supposed centres of its productions isConstantinopol.


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