До історії дослідження поселення Маслини у Північно-Західній Тавриці

  • В. В. Котенко



V. Kotenko. To History of Study of Maslyny Settlement in North-Western Taurica There are considered the main stages of study of Maslyny settlement in the article. Before the beginning of systematic excavations, investigations on the settlement are executed by P. Shul’ts (1948), who maked the conclusion about scythian character of site. In 1960th Tarkhankutian expedition carrying out the clearing of culture layer on a settlement and lower horizon was attributed to hellenistiñ time. In 1970 Maslyny was inspected by A. Ščepinsky and E. Čerepanova, which maked the conclusion about a presence on the settlement the Chersonesan fortification.

During the period from 1972 to 1986 a group from the Kharkiv University as a part of of the Northern Crimean Expedition of the IA AS USSR under the leadership of V. Latysheva conducted the research there. The settlement was referred to chora of Tauric Chersonesos and accumulated mass archaeological material, what are not published in completely.

Today collection of artefacts from Maslyny settlement are the part of ancient funds of Museum of archaeology and ethnography of Slobids’ka Ukraine and Chornomorsky localhistory museum.

Key words: antiquity, Tauric Chersonesos, chora, Maslyny.


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