• K. M. Virnik Biophysics Division, Institute of Radiophysics andElectronics, Ak. Proskura St. 12, Kharkov 310085, Ukraine
  • M. E. Tolstorukov Chair of Molecular and Applied Biophysics, Radiophysics Department, Kharkov State University, SvobodySq. 4, Kharkov 310077, Ukraine
Ключові слова: DNA, conformations, hydration, sorption, binding energy


An energetics study of water molecule binding to a DNA matrix has been performed. Bound water molecules have been differentiated according to their binding energies, the water molecules being supposed to participate in three types of sorption (hydration): sorption by Langmuir's binding centers , sorption by Henry's ones and multilayer sorption. It has been found that waters of the different sorption types take part in stabilizing a certain DNA conformation to a different degree. Consideration of the obtained values of free binding energies within each sorption type has shown that waters bound to Langmuir's centers mainly advantage A-DNA stabilization while ones bound to Henry's centers facilitate B-DNA stabilization. The water molecules bound in multilayer are more important for stabilization of both A- and B-form in comparison with unordered state, but largely for B-form. This is due to occurring the basic formation of multilayer part of hydration surroundings at high water content in DNA.





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Virnik, K. M., & Tolstorukov, M. E. (1). BINDING ENERGY DIFFERENTIATION OF WATER MOLECULES IN DNA HYDRATION SHELL. Біофізичний вісник, 2(2). вилучено із
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