Peer Review Process

In our Journal practiced double-blind review: reviewers are unaware of the identity of the authors, and authors are also unaware of the identity of reviewers. There are at least ten or more reviewers for the total number of articles in each issue. Members of the editorial board can also participate in the process of selecting reviewers in individual cases (at the request of the Editor-in-chief).

Duration of review – up to two months.

Review procedure

  1. After receiving the manuscript, the editorial board within two days informs the author about acceptance of his article for consideration.
  2. The Editor-in-chief sends manuscripts to reviewers and receives text reviews from them.
  3. The Editor-in-chief makes a list of reviewers’ remarks and sends it to the author.
  4. The revised paper shall be submitted for consideration of the previous experts. Reconsideration of the paper lasts up to two months.
  5. If the conclusions of the reviewers are positive, this is one of the key reasons to accept the paper for publication.
  6. If the paper is rejected, the editorial office informs the author by e-mail about the reasons for the refusal.