About the Journal

Journal of scientific research in the physical and mathematical sciences.

Since the organization of the Journal, his face has repeatedly changed in accordance with the rapid development of physics in our century. All sections of modern applied physics are reflected in the pages of our publication.

 The following sections are tadic:

 - Theoretical physics;

 - Solid state physics;

 - Physics of low temperatures;

 - Physics of magnetic phenomena;

 - Optics and spectroscopy;

 - General questions of physics (mathematical methods, teaching methods: physical experiment and others).

 The journal will be useful for physics teachers, researchers, graduate students, students.


 Frequency of output - twice a year.


Purpose of the publication - Publication of research, scientific articles, popularization of science in general.

The mission of the journal  is to develop new directions in research, to promote the dissemination of information obtained by scientists.

 Editing and publishing of articles in the  journal is free of charge.