Boundary value problems for systems of non-degenerate difference-algebraic equations

Keywords: boundary-value problems, difference-algebraic equations, pseudoinverse matrices


The study of differential-algebraic boundary value problems was initiated in the works of K. Weierstrass, N.N. Luzin and F.R. Gantmacher. Systematic study of differential-algebraic boundary value problems is devoted to the work of S. Campbell, Yu.E. Boyarintsev, V.F. Chistyakov, A.M. Samoilenko, M.O. Perestyuk, V.P. Yakovets, O.A. Boichuk, A. Ilchmann and T. Reis. The study of the differential-algebraic boundary value problems is associated with numerous applications of such problems in the theory of nonlinear oscillations, in mechanics, biology, radio engineering, theory of control, theory of motion stability. At the same time, the study of differential algebraic boundary value problems is closely related to the study of boundary value problems for difference equations, initiated in A.A. Markov, S.N. Bernstein, Ya.S. Besikovich, A.O. Gelfond, S.L. Sobolev, V.S. Ryaben'kii, V.B. Demidovich, A. Halanay, G.I. Marchuk, A.A. Samarskii, Yu.A. Mitropolsky, D.I. Martynyuk, G.M. Vayniko, A.M. Samoilenko, O.A. Boichuk and O.M. Stanzhitsky. Study of nonlinear singularly perturbed boundary value problems for difference equations in partial differences is devoted to the work of V.P. Anosov, L.S. Frank, P.E. Sobolevskii, A.L. Skubachevskii and A. Asheraliev.
Consequently, the actual problem is the transfer of the results obtained in the articles by S. Campbell, A.M. Samoilenko and O.A. Boichuk on linear boundary value problems for difference-algebraic equations, in particular finding the necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of the desired solutions, and also the construction of the Green's operator of the Cauchy problem and the generalized Green operator of a linear boundary value problem for a difference-algebraic equation.
The solvability conditions are found in the paper, as well as the construction of a generalized Green operator for the Cauchy problem for a difference-algebraic system. The solvability conditions are found, as well as the construction of a generalized Green operator for a linear Noetherian difference-algebraic boundary value problem. An original classification of critical and noncritical cases for linear difference-algebraic boundary value problems is proposed.


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Author Biography

Mykyta Popov, Donbas State Pedagogical University



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Chuiko, S., Kalinichenko, Y., & Popov, M. (2019). Boundary value problems for systems of non-degenerate difference-algebraic equations. Visnyk of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Ser. Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 90, 26-41.