Keywords: nuclear spectrometry, measurement of ADC parameters, differential nonlinearity of ADC, amplitude spectrum, noise level


he method and the scheme of measuring stand are proposed for the fast control of the parameters of spectrometric analog-to-digital converters and other elements of the spectrometric channel. Within a few minutes the stand allows obtaining a qualitative assessment of the main parameters and identifying shortcomings in the operation of the devices that are part of the spectrometer. The method is based on recording and analyzing the spectrum of a sequence of pulses with a uniform amplitude distribution within the input dynamic range of the ADC. The principle of the device operation is described. A brief analysis of the requirements for the parameters of the measuring stand is performed, as well as an analysis of the possibility of determining differential and integral nonlinearity of the ADC, channel profile, noise level estimation in the measuring path with the help of the proposed method. The results of testing of some samples of spectrometric analog-to-digital converters are given and a brief analysis of the results is provided. The possibilities of improving the method are considered for the purpose of obtaining a quantitative estimate of the differential and integral nonlinearity, as well as the noise level of the equipment under test.


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V. Ananieva, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University61022, Kharkiv, 4, Svobody sq.,

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
61022, Kharkiv, 4, Svobody sq.,


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Reva, S., Turchin, O., Tkach, V., & Ananieva, V. (2017). METHOD OF EXPRESS-EVALUATION OF PARAMETERS OF THE SPECTROMETRIC TRACT. East European Journal of Physics, 4(4), 53-63.