Spectral Characteristics of Ultrafine Particles Zn2 SiO4-Mn, Precipitated From an Aqueous Solution on the Substrate in Electric or Magnetic Fields

  • V. I. Tyutyunnikov Pryazovskyi State Technical University Mariupol, St. Universitetskaya, 7, 87500, Ukraine
Keywords: the spectrum, ultra-fine crystals, photoluminescence, ionoluminescence, magnetic field, electric field


The spectral parameters ultrafine particles Zn2SiO4-Mn, precipitated on the substrate in a magnetic or electric field have been investigated. For getting fine particles industrial phosphor K-60 (Zn2SiO4-Mn) was used. Luminescence spectra were obtained on a sample when exposed to ultraviolet light or a beam of charged oxygen ions. When excited by ultraviolet spectral characteristics have difference for samples with different dimensions of the crystals. As for the industrial design luminescence spectrum had a band with λmaх = 521 nm, and for the ultrafine crystals willemite spectral band had λmax = 550 nm. Analysis ionoluminescence spectra showed that the reduction of crystal size Zn2SiO4-Mn not affect the spectral characteristics of the excitation beam with low energy oxygen ions. The luminescence spectrum when exposed to low-energy ions (1-3 KeV) has a band with λmax = 521 nm and a half-width Δλ = 41 nm. When measuring the width of the forbidden zone has been established bandgap dependence on the size of the phosphor crystals. The width of the band gap increases with decreasing crystal size to nanoscale sizes. A significant effect was  obtained when deposited on a substrate in the nanoscale crystal magnetic or electric field. As for the industrial design the bandgap was 4.16 eV, and for the besieged in the magnetic and electric field of 4.27, 4.29 eV, respectively.


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Author Biography

V. I. Tyutyunnikov, Pryazovskyi State Technical University Mariupol, St. Universitetskaya, 7, 87500, Ukraine


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