Characteristics of Nonlinear Dust Acoustic Waves (DAWs) Propagating in an Inhomogeneous Collisionless Magnetized Dusty Plasma

Keywords: Dusty plasma, RPT, m-ZK equation, Inhomogeneous plasma, non-extensive electrons


In this paper, we have presented our investigation on the characteristics of nonlinear dust acoustic waves (DAWs) propagating in an inhomogeneous collisionless magnetized dusty plasma (MDP). In this problem, we have considered a collisionless plasma consisting of nonthermal ions, non-extensive electrons and negatively charged dust grains. Using the reductive perturbation theory (RPT) we have derived the modified Zakharov-Kuznetsov (m-ZK) equation. The solution of m-ZK equation indicates the nonlinear characteristics of the DASWs in plasma. Our investigation also predicts how the amplitudes of nonlinear DASWs are significantly modified due to the influence of magnetic field, non-extensive electrons and inhomogeneity parameters in plasma. The results obtained in this investigation may be useful for understanding the propagation characteristics and modification of structures of nonlinear waves in both laboratory and astrophysical plasmas.


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