A Numerical Study on the MHD Ternary Hybrid Nanofluid (Cu-Al2O3-TiO2/H2O) in presence of Thermal Stratification and Radiation across a Vertically Stretching Cylinder in a Porous Medium

Keywords: Thermal Stratification, Stretching Vertical Cylinder, Ternary Hybrid Nanofluid, Porous Medium, Thermal Radiation, MHD, bvp4c


The primary objective of this study is to investigate the influence of thermal stratification on the magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) flow of water-based nano, hybrid, and ternary hybrid nanofluids, as they pass a vertically stretching cylinder within a porous media. The nanoparticles Cu, Al2O3, and TiO2 are suspended in a base fluid H2O, leading to the formation of a ternary hybrid nanofluid (Cu + Al2O3 + TiO2/H2O). The use of a relevant similarity variable has been utilized to simplify the boundary layer equations which control the flow and transform the coupled nonlinear partial differential equations into a collection of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. The numerical results are calculated with the 3-stage Lobatto IIIa approach, specifically implemented by Bvp4c in MATLAB. This study presents a graphical and numerical analysis of the effects of various non-dimensional parameters, such as the Prandtl number, radiation parameter, heat source/sink parameter, magnetic parameter, porosity parameter, curvature parameter, thermal stratification parameter, and thermal buoyancy parameter, on the velocity, temperature, skin-friction coefficient, and Nusselt number. The impacts of these parameters are visually depicted through graphs and quantitatively represented in tables. The ternary hybrid nanofluid has a higher heat transfer rate than the hybrid nanofluid, and the hybrid nanofluids has a higher heat transfer rate than ordinary nanofluids.


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