Casson Fluid Flow Past a Shrinking Surface with Heat and Mass Transfers

Keywords: Casson fluid, shrinking sheet, heat and mass transfer, permeability, MHD


In this study, we have numerically investigated the heat and mass transfers behaviour of Casson fluid flow past a porous shrinking sheet in existence of a magnetic field, thermal radiation, and suction or blowing at the surface. Applying suitable similarity transformations, the leading partial nonlinear differential equations of mass, flow, and heat transfer are converted into solvable ordinary differential equations, which can then be solved numerically with the help of the MATLAB bvp4c scheme. We have analyzed and shown graphically the implications of several non-dimensional controlling factors on the profiles of temperature, concentration, and velocity. Additionally, the Sherwood, Nusselt, and Skin friction for Casson fluids are examined and tabulated. The current study's findings for Casson fluid exhibit great consistency with previous research under specific circumstances.


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