Traversable Wormholes in f(R) Gravity Sourced by a Cloud of Strings

Keywords: Einstein equations, Wormhole solution, String cloud


Wormhole solutions in General Relativity (GR) require exotic matter sources that violate the null energy condition (NEC), and it is well-known that higher-order modifications of GR and some alternative matter sources can support wormholes. In this study, we explore the possibility of formulating traversable wormholes in f (R) modified gravity, which is perhaps the most widely discussed modification of GR, with two approaches. First, to investigate the effects of geometrical constraints on the global characteristics, we gauge the rr–component of the metric tensor and employ Padè approximation to check whether a well–constrained shape function can be formulated in this manner. We then derive the field equations with a background of string cloud and numerically analyse the energy conditions, stability, and amount of exotic matter in this space-time. Next, as an alternative source in a simple f (R) gravity model, we use the background cloud of strings to estimate the wormhole shape function and analyse the relevant properties of the space-time. These results are then compared with those of wormholes threaded by normal matter in the simple f (R) gravity model considered. The results demonstrate that string cloud is a viable source for wormholes with NEC violations; however, the wormhole space-times in the simple f (R) gravity model considered in this study are unstable.


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