Temperature Dependence of Dielectric Relaxation of Absorption Spectra in the Chlorobenzene Iodobenzene System

  • Samir Azizov AzerbaijaniMinistry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Physics, Baku, Azerbaijan https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6252-1512
Keywords: Dielectric spectroscopy, Dielectric relaxation, Chlorobenzene, İodobenzene, Bromobenzene


The article presents the results of a study of the temperature dependence of the dielectric constant ε' and the dielectric loss index ε" of the chlorobenzene-iodobenzene system at wavelengths λ = 6.32; 4.01; 3.21; 2.14; 1.18 and 0.75 V temperature range ‑40℃÷+30℃. The static dielectric constant was determined at a frequency of 7 MHz. The temperature dependence of the time of dielectric relaxation of molecules in the liquid state was determined. It was established that in the specified temperature‑frequency range the dispersion region consists of two parts. Analysis of the temperature dependence of dielectric polarization relaxation in the system chlorobenzene-iodobenzene shows that the relaxation times of the components do not depend on their short-range order. It was also discovered that the rate graph showing the dependence of the logarithm of the relaxation time on the reciprocal of the temperature logτ ~ 1/T, consists of two parts and the value of the static dielectric permeability ε is non-additive. To explain these results, it is assumed that clusters are formed in this system, the same as in the pure components.


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