Effect of ZnS and CdS on Some Physical Properties of MgO Films

Keywords: MgO films, Doping Effect, ZnS, CdS, Chemical spray pyrolysis, Physical properties


This article reports on the fabrication and characterization of MgO nanostructured films and the effect of ZnS and CdS on their structural, optical, and electrical properties. The MgO, MgO: ZnS, and MgO: CdS thin films were deposited using a Chemical spray pyrolysis technique onto glass substrates at 673 K. The XRD patterns revealed that the MgO thin films had a preferred (111) orientation with a pure cubic crystalline structure, while the ZnS and CdS layers had a hexagonal structure. The FE-SEM images showed that the MgO films had a nanostructured morphology with an average particle size of ~50 nm. The UV-Vis spectroscopy results showed that the addition of ZnS and CdS layers to the MgO films resulted in a shift in the absorption edge towards the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, indicating an improvement in their optical properties. These findings suggest that the MgOZnS and MgOCdS films could have potential applications in optoelectronic devices.


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