FP Shell Effective Interactions and Nuclear Shell Structure of 44Sc

Keywords: Nuclear energy levels, Scandium isotope 44Sc, Nuclear reaction, Diagrammatic notation, FPD6pn


Abstract: Nuclear energy levels in 44Sc isotope, with fp shell model space occupation low levels fp-LS shell within shell model calculations had been investigated. The interactions has been used to calculate the nuclear energy levels which are fpd6, hw, fpy, with fp shell model space, d3f7cospn for 1d3/21f7/2 model space. The results are compared with each other and with available experimental data, its agreement with some results are clear. The used of model space interactions is the best fitted two body matrix elements in fp shell model space beside the good agreements in the reproduced values of energy levels scheme. The general estimation of the reproduced data are good especially below 3MeV. All inscriptions are given in diagrammatic notation, the wave vectors and analysis are modeled in the so called diagrammatic notation. The potential of oscillator is utilized to construct single particle vector, considering (_20^40)〖Ca〗_20 as a core for fp shell model space and (_16^32)S_(16 ) as an inert core for the model space d3f7. The OXFORD BEUNES AIRES SHELL MODEL CODE is utilized to accomplish the results for all tested nuclei.


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