Theoretical Study of Matter Density Distributions, and Elastic Electron Scattering Form Factors of Exotic Nuclei (26F and 9C)

Keywords: Exotic nuclei, Form factor, Nuclear density (neutron, proton, matter), Neutron-rich, Proton-rich


Abstract: The distributions of nuclear density, root mean square radii, and elastic electron scattering form factor are calculated for nuclei (9C) (core +2p) and (26F) (core +2n) with the two different nuclear potential parameters for (bc) and (bv), were correlations for both the (effects tensor force and short-range) are used, and the appearance of the long extension is observed in Nuclear density distributions for these nuclei. Fortran 95 power station was used to program nuclear properties such as nucleon density (matter, neutron, and proton), elastic electron scattering form factor, and rms radii. The computed results for these exotic nuclei are determined to correspond pretty well with the experimental data.


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