Theoretical Study of Proton Halo Structure and Elastic Electron Scattering Form Factor for 23Al and 27P Nuclei by Using Full Correlation Functions (Tensor Force and Short Range)

Keywords: Exotic nuclei, Form Factor, Proton-rich, Root mean square (rms) radii


The study of proton-rich nuclei's form factors, root-mean-square radius (rms), and nuclear density distributions is the focus of this work for nuclei (23Al and 27P), use two body charge density distributions (2BCDD's). With the effects of the strong tensor force and short range, the nucleon distribution function of the two oscillating harmonic particles in a two-frequency shell model operates with two different parameters: bc for the inner (core) orbits and bv for the outer (halo) orbitals. This work demonstrated the existence of proton halo nuclei for the nuclei (23Al and 27P) in the shell (2s1/2), and the computed proton, neutron, and matter density distributions for these nuclei both displayed the long tail of the performance. Using the Borne approximation of the plane wave, the elastic form factor of the electron scattering from the alien nucleus was calculated, this form factor is dependent on the difference in the proton density distribution of the last proton in the nucleus. The Fortran 95 power station program was used to calculate the neutrons, protons, matter density, elastic electron scattering form factor, and rms radii. The calculated outcomes for these exotic nuclei agree well with the experimental data.


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