Exotic Structure of 17Ne-17N and 23Al-23Ne Mirror Nuclei

Keywords: Mirror Nuclei, Proton and Neutron Skin Thickness, Density Distribution, Exotic Nucleus


       In terms of the core nucleus plus valence nucleon, shell-model calculations using two model spaces and interactions, the relationship between a nucleus' proton skin, and the difference in proton radii of mirror pairs of nuclei with the same mass number are investigated. In this work, two pairs of mirror nuclei will be studied: 17Ne-17N and 23Al-23Ne. For 17Ne-17N nuclei, p-shell and mixing of psd orbits are adopted with Cohen-Kurath (ckii) and psdsu3 interactions. While for 23Al-23Ne, the sd-shell and sdpf shell are adopted with the universal shell model (USD) and sdpfwa interactions. Also, the ground state density distributions, elastic form factors, and root mean square radii of these pairs' nuclei are studied and compared with available experimental data. . In general, it was found that the rms radius of the valence proton(s) is larger than that of the valence neutron(s) in its mirror nucleus. The results show that these nuclei have the exotic structure of a halo or skin.


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