Superradiation of Mobile Oscillators

Keywords: Superradiance of moving oscillators, shift of the field maximum in the volume, change in the density of oscillators


The paper considers the development of the process of superradiance of radiating oscillators interacting with each other by means of an electromagnetic field. The interaction of oscillators occurs both with the nearest neighbors and with all other oscillators in the system. In this case, the possibility of longitudinal motion of oscillators along the system, due to the action of the Lorentz force, is taken into account. It is shown that, regardless of the motion of the oscillators, for example, due to their different masses, the maximum attainable amplitude of the generation field changes little. However, the radiation efficiency depends on how this field is distributed in the longitudinal direction. In the case of a shift of the field maximum towards the ends of the system, the radiation efficiency can noticeably increase. In addition, the direction of the phase velocity of the external initiating field is important, which accelerates the process of phase synchronization of the oscillators. This can also affect the ejection of particles outside the initial region, and here the total number of ejected particles and their speed turn out to be important. It is discussed how the density of oscillators and the size of the region occupied by oscillators will change.


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