Correlating Deposition Parameters with Structure and Properties of Nanoscale Multilayer (TiSi)N/CrN Coatings

Keywords: multilayer coatings, refractory metal nitrides, hardness, adhesive strength


Multilayer (TiSi)N/CrN coatings were fabricated through vacuum-arc deposition by applying the arc currents of (100 ÷ 110) A on TiSi cathode and (80 ÷ 90) A on Cr cathode, negative bias potential connected to the substrate holder of –(100 ÷ 200) V and reactive gas pressure of (0.03 ÷ 0.6) Pa. Applying a negative bias voltage on substrates enhanced the ion bombardment effect, which affected the chemical compositions, phase state, mechanical and tribological properties of (TiSi)N/CrN coatings. Obtained results indicated that (TiSi)N/CrN coatings with Si content ranging from 0.53 to 1.02 at. % exhibited a high hardness level of (22.1 ÷ 31.1) GPa accompanied with a high Young’s modulus of (209 ÷ 305) GPa, H/E* level of (0.080 ÷ 0.100), H3/E*2 level of (0.15 ÷ 0.33) GPa, and the friction coefficient of 0.35. Values of critical loads at dynamic indentation, changes in friction coefficient and level of acoustic emission signal evidence the high adhesive strength of (TiSi)N/CrN coatings, which allows recommending them to increase cutting tool performance.


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