Simulation of Heat Transfer in Single-Crystal Lithium Niobate in Interaction with Continuous-Wave Laser Radiation

Keywords: heat transfer, lithium niobate, anisotropic thermal conductivity, laser radiation, non-stationary heat conduction problem, meshless method


The paper presents the simulation results of heat transfer in single-crystal lithium niobate (LiNbO3) in the form of cylinder of diameter mm and height mm in interaction with continuous-wave laser radiation with the output power of W and the wavelength of nm. The density of the LiNbO3 crystal is kg/m3; the thermal conductivity along the [001] direction is W/(m×K); the thermal conductivity in the (001) plane is W/(m×K); the specific heat at constant pressure is J/(kg×K); the absorption coefficient is %/cm @ 1064 nm. The laser beam propagates along the optical axis of the crystal. The laser beam intensity profile is represented as a Gaussian function, and the absorption of laser radiation of the single-crystal lithium niobate is described by Beer-Lambert’s law. The numerical solution of the non-stationary heat conduction problem is obtained by meshless scheme using anisotropic radial basis functions. The time interval of the non-stationary boundary-value problem is 2 h 30 min. The results of numerical calculations of the temperature distribution inside and on the surface of the single-crystal lithium niobate at times s are presented. The time required to achieve the steady-state heating mode of the LiNbO3 crystal, as well as its temperature range over the entire time interval, have been determined. The accuracy of the approximate solution of the boundary-value problem at the n-th iteration is estimated by the value of the norm of relative residual . The results of the numerical solution of the non-stationary heat conduction problem obtained by meshless method show its high efficiency even at a small number of interpolation nodes.


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