Charmonium Properties

  • Tarek Abdelwahab Nahool Department of physics, faculty of science, Aswan University
  • Yasser Mostafa Physics Department, Faculty of Science at Qena, South Valley University, Egypt
  • Muhammad Anwar Physics Department, Faculty of ScienceAswan University, Egypt
  • Gamal A. Yahya Physics Department, Faculty of ScienceAswan University, Egypt
Keywords: heavy mesons, matrix method, charmonium, momentum width


We calculated the mass spectra of charmonium meson by using matrix method to make the predictions of ground and radially excited states of charmonium mesons via non-relativistic potential model. We compared our results with other theoretical approaches and recently published experimental data. The predictions are found to be in a good accordance with the latest experimental results of Particle data group and with the results of other theoretical approaches. Besides, we calculated the momentum width coefficients β of charmonium meson. Since, there are no experimental data for the momentum width coefficients β of charmonium meson yet. Consequently, our calculated coefficients β are compared with other theoretical studies and it is found to be in a good agreement with our results. The obtained results of coefficients β have implications for decay constants, decay widths and differential cross sections for charmonium system and generally for heavy mesons system. Our study is considered as theoretical calculation of some properties of charmonium meson.


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