On New Representations of Well-Known Physical Phenomena

Keywords: spontaneous and stimulated processes, multi-wave interactions, threshold of coherent radiation


New theoretical description of well-known physical phenomena are announced. 1. The description of wave interaction in plasma in terms of spontaneous and stimulated processes is discussed. Such a description is not only attractive from the methodological point of view, but also offers new possibilities for the understanding of physical processes related to the interaction of radiation with matter. Moreover, there exists an intimate relationship between spontaneous and stimulated processes that can simplify the calculation of nonlinear terms for systems with multi-wave interactions. 2. It is shown by the example of two-level system that generation of coherent radiation is realized in excess of the threshold, determined by the equality of the squared population inversion to the half of the total number of all possible states. 3. The spectrum of waves emitted by oscillator, trapped in an external potential well is analyzed. It is assumed that the eigenfrequency of the oscillator is much greater than the frequency of oscillations in the potential well. The effect of the recoil on the absorption and emission of the oscillator is discussed. Since the energy of the slow oscillations in well is equal to the recoil energy, the intensity of the absorption and emission lines at the eigenfrequency exceeds the intensity of other spectral lines. 4. The formation of gravity surface waves with abnormally high amplitude, that occurs only in initial stage of nonlinear regime of modulation instability in the ocean, is considered. 5. The intensive long-wave Langmuir oscillation in plasma has been generated by a high-current charged-particle beam and a maser radiation is unstable. It being known the field energy density often exceeds the thermal energy density of plasma. In this case the modulation instability of intensive oscillation results one plasma density cavity over a wavelength of the intensive oscillation. It is shown, that kinetic limitation mechanism of cavity deepening is the local capture of ions. It should be noted, the potential of cavity is quite low for capture of great part of electrons with considerable kinetic energy.


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